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Artistic Inspiration

Yoshitaka Amano, Van Gogh, Schiele, Basquiat, MC Escher, El Bosco, Osamu Tezuka, ONE, Kouta Hirano, Shinkiro, Takato Yamamoto, Suehiro Maruo, Ayami Kojima.

Art styles
80-90’s anime, old cartoons, expressionism, impressionism, mannerism.

Art Tools
Pen, pencil, colored pencils, watercolor, crayons, markers. I try to emulate this materials when doing my digital artwork. I still am in the search of the perfect brushes to reproduce the serotonin these materials give to my brain.

Personal Likes regarding art
I love messy and sketchy art. I’m not much into overly rendered art because I feel it’s devoid of emotion…this is just the way I feel, so don’t take it personal if you enjoy that kind of stuff. I love ‘badly done’ 3D, art that looks ‘old’, grotesque art and looking at concept art. In fanfic I enjoy many things, but character studies are definitely my fave.

Video games
MOTHER series, Chrono Trigger, TLoZ:(OoT,MM,TPP), Yoshi's Island/ Yoshi's Story, Metal Slug, Donkey Kong Country I,2 &3 (SNES), OFF, Yume Nikki, Space Funeral, Hylics, StarFox (SNES), Megaman X, Super Metroid, PKMN, Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, Castlevania:SotN & AoS, Kirby Dreamland 3, Animal Crossing, King of Fighters,Art of Fighting, Waku Waku 7, Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, Garou Mark of the Wolves, Marvel vs SNK, Devil May Cry, Stardew Valley, Puzzle Bobble, Groove on Fight, Undertale/Deltarune, Disco Elysium, Resident Evil 2 & 4, Story of Seasons, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Raidou Kuzunoda I & II, No More Heroes I, II, III, Ace Attorney, Deresute, TF2, Blasphemous, Conker's Bad Fur Day, MGS, Grim Fandango

Video game music, Anything before 2014…….OFC there’s recent music that I enjoy a lot but I’m a boomer.

Current top 5: Mushishi, Mononoke, Akagi, Pop Team Epic, Hellsing

Pet Shop of Horrors, Gin to Kin, MP100, Saint Oniisan.

Tom & Jerry,Wacky Races, first 3 seasons of SpongeBob, Looney Tunes.

Current top 5: The Hitcher (1986), Dead Ringers, The Fall, Scarecrow (1973), Hombre Mirando al Sudeste.


I love a lot of things but you know what I love the most? when people know and respect ship name order.

Most recurrent OTPs
Gai/Kakashi• Erwin/Levi• Blackjack/Kiriko• Kyo/Iori• Nook/Redd• Cyrus/Frog• Watson/Holmes• Kafei/CuriosityShopDude• Ana/Ninten• Smithers/Burns• Rick/Morty

Recent OTPs
Kakuzu/Hidan• Emmet/Ingo• DemiFiend/Lucifer• Bob Patiño/Bart• Gintoki/MADAO• Atsumi/Shizuku

Currently Exploring
Brewster/Totakeke• Rick/Morty• Emmet/Ingo•

Important Ships that are dormant but still hit
Steven/Wallace•House/Wilson• Batter/Zacharie• Jonathan/Dio• Archie/Maxie

Ships I used to like


Since there are people who need this said because they lack common sense, all my likes belong in the FICTIONAL REALM. With that said, let’s proceed.

Recurrent tropes on all my fave shit: one sided, obsession, brainwashing, obliviousness, manipulation.
•Obsessed yandere top and depressed/oblivious bottom (this can be reversible depending on the pairing). Extra points if it's an unrequited one sided obsession.
•When there is a pairing in which there’s the chemistry and trust, but they never confess and one of them dies, extra points if the remaining one gets depressed and suicidal/commits suicide.
•Manipulative shota/loli who desires their older counterpart. Extra points if the “adult” doesn’t want anything to do with the younger. Extra-extra points if there is a moment in which the “adult” can’t contain themselves anymore and the other is like “I WON”.
•For any pairing I like: sexual tension overload. A tension you can slice with a knife. BUT NONE OF THEM ACT ON THE URGE. Extra points if it’s one sided. Extra-extra points if one of them is oblivious to the advances/tension.
•The whole submissive and breedable shit. Here enters the whole a/b/o, breeding kink, onahole shit I like. Extra points if there’s brainwashing and manipulation going on. In case of a/b/o, extra points if mpreg and milkus.
•The pretty in love/obsessed with the ugly trope. Usually the pretty is the top, but it can also depend of the pairing if it’s reversible. OBVIOUSLY extra points if it’s also one sided.
•The same flavor of above but with the ‘genius x dumb’ or ‘genius x hardworker’.
•Big age gap. This includes the (now hated by the puriteens) “student x teacher”. YES, in that order. This is the same dynamic of shota/loli as in, the younger tops and does the dirty work while the older sits and bears with it.
•Incest shipping. it can include one of the dynamics before mentioned. EXTRA TRIPLE BAJILLION POINTS if it’s twincest.

Sometimes I enjoy angst, sometimes I enjoy happily ever after with a dozen children. it can change depending on the ship. Also sometimes when the angst is too much I enjoy some funny shenanigans. Don’t confuse funny with fluff please. I have low tolerance for “teeth rotting fluff”. I mostly avoid it unless I’m too desperate and there’s a lack of content to scratch the itch. I love mpreg and a/b/o. I thoroughly enjoy slow burn (even tho there’s slowburn that stops being funny and is just plain boring). Brainwashing, mind break, yandere, manipulation, amputation, watersports, feminization and such are very welcome tropes for me. I’m very open about any kink tropes or fetishes, even though I don’t participate in most or are actively drawing them. I love a lot of tropes and AUs and shit.

The ones involving school or settings that have already passed for me in life and are no longer relevant (like high school AUs and that kinda shit…also stuff that’s just so obviously gringo (bc it only happens in that society). Coffee shop AU used to be fun but now is just boring and unbearable. Fluff that makes the characters too OOC…ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS. Ugh, I kinda hate it because established usually comes hand in hand with fluff. Daddy kink is a HUGE NO. Also any mention of “boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/my love/my darling” uwu is a big no for me. I can’t digest it. I love raw emotion and not too sugary tropes…Self insert is another instant NOPE for me. I prefer scat over any of the before mentioned just to put an example on my tolerance level regarding the tropes.

Regarding gender themes in fictional works, I don’t like labels, dysphoria or pride flags. I don’t feel joy/catharsis or feel like a part of a community when shown or ‘consuming’ or openly exploring them in a fictional setting. I’m very far away from straight and cis, so before anyone gets offended or takes my words as something that isn’t: I don’t draw or explore these kind of themes in my work for my own personal reasons. Anyone who does is valid and shouldn’t shy away from exploring what’s maybe part of themselves on a daily basis. Just don’t treat other artists that don’t like to do so as inhuman or as if they hate the ‘community’ when that’s not the case.
In fiction I explore themes that are troublesome and painful like homophobia and transphobia but it also depends on the setting of the trope being used and if that helps provide some trait or knowledge about a character.

As an ending note, this likes page is a way to put out some thoughts that are my own and how I see some things that relate to my art.


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