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Newly Added!

㋡Added a new fanart page! Guess who got into South Park lately?.... Also I have been "pimping" the site....kinda want to fill it with blinkies....I just love little pixel stuff and moving things, it makes the site 'less plain' to look at.

Old News

㋡Added a Zelda and Animal Crossing fanart galleries!
They are small so I could add them today. There's arts from 2020 for the Animal Crossing gallery that I still need to add.
㋡Added a "Cool Stuff" page!
An animated way to click tru my links and galleries. (A way to avoid "Mucho Texto").
Added an extra page for my Rick & Morty gallery as well! This season has been so good so far!
㋡Long time no see!
Updated my about page :)
Also gonna re-do my Likes page so it looks more organized.
㋡Updated Sacred Texts page again!
Fanart index got new arts! Check them out!
-Added Rammstein, SMT, Rick and Morty, Pokemon and 31 minutos art galleries!
㋡Added new fanart index page. STILL A WIP BUT CHECK IT OUT!

㋡Added new fics on the "Sacred texts" page. Also I'm trying to make the tables look presentable but it's pretty hard...On web they look fine, but on mobile some text becomes too big in comparison with the other column...idk what is causing it.

㋡You can check my artbook pages and download for free! Check it out →Mobster artbook and Bestiary artbook.

㋡Added an index for the Malas influencias lore! Check it out →MALAS INFLUENCIAS INDEX

㋡Happy new year (well, too late for that elmao), doing some updates on the 'looks' of the site. Hope I can get back to actually submitting my art here.

㋡Added the kofi sketches info on commission page! alongside kofi buttons.
Sacred Texts.
Made my fic compilation page available here!
Still a work in progress but check my fave fics out! ^q^/
Groovy Beastiary Book!
Gallery Links Updated! I'm working on compiling all my series
and art links together for easy access. It's slowly taking shape :-)
Groovy Likes Page!
My Pretty Sister.mp3-Magin Tensei II Spiral Nemesis

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